The birth of Mandrolli

The Mandrolli Auto brand is inspired by tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. It is a South African Electric Automaker founded and led by a Black woman, Tami Mase in 2018 as an initiative to celebrate the beginning of a New Era of enlightenment, mind liberation and the convergence of science and technology. 

The Mandrolli concept was conceived in 2009 while the Founder was still working for a Biodiversity Institute, largely exposed and actively involved in Climate Change & Global Warming issues. It was officially birthed 9 years later in 2018. 

In June 2018, Mandrolli was granted official rights from the Nelson Mandela Foundation to use tata Nelson Mandela's signature on its prototype, Mandrolli's Special Edition electric hypercar, making it the first vehicle to ever bear the iconic Mr Mandela's signature.  Mandrolli's founder, Tami Mase, is set to pioneer electric mobility in Africa and to empower Women in Technology. 

Complete Mandrolli production logo
Our  Brand

At Mandrolli, we are an international team that is inspired by humanity and mystery of the future.  We are excited to position ourselves in a space that pioneers the shifting and the shrinking of the World into electro mobility.  The lane we are driving on is designed for ultimate speed, we are racing against time.    Our Gold represents Wealth & Power.  We hope to create Wealth that will unify the human race globally.

We are continuously looking for partners who have the innovative and creative drive in technology, design, architecture and engineering as we continue to evolve into this exciting purpose driven legacy.